About the Novel


After years of espionage the Joint Terrorism Task Force has targeted the location of the Supernote Press in Tehran. With US backed sanctions crippling its economy, Iran plans to use Supernotes – perfect counterfeit $100 bills — to finance a monumental act of terrorism that promises to plunge the world into unprecedented emotional and financial chaos.

John Farragut, a terminally ill former CIA operative, is lured out of retirement to destroy the press before it is too late. His team consists of a counterfeiter of Iranian descent facing a stiff prison sentence, and a former chemistry professor serving time for bombing a federal courthouse. Each man is selected for their skills, their courage… and their expendability.

Farragut and his cohorts are forced together on an apparent suicide mission in the hotbed of the Middle East. The team’s conflicting loyalties – between love of family and faith in God, trust in themselves and trust in each other — stalk their every move along serpentine paths of betrayal that intersect in an explosive climax.